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Luxury  and Passion
Luxury  and Passion

No Hidden Costs

All Boats Insured

Booked with Confidence

Instant Online-Booking

Professionally Maintained Boats

Covers all Islands of Seychelles

Charter your dream destination

We cover almost all islands of Seychelles


Infinity Charter operates on Praslin. We offer our boat chartering services to almost all the beautiful islands of Seychelles at a competitive rate. Contact us and we shall be very happy to provide our free quote.

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Our Professional Services

Services AvailableIsland Hopping, Island Buffet Barbecue, Snorkelling, Taxi Boat Service, Private Charter, Sunset Cruise,  Island Transfers, Group Charter and Big Game Fishing.

Fishing Categories: Big Game Fishing, Drop Off Fishing, Trolling Fishing, Giggling Fishing and Bottom Line Fishing

The definitive luxury boat charter


Since 2010, Infinity Charter has developed a very good experience cruising almost all the beautiful destinations of Seychelles. Our expert skippers are more than happy to assist you and give you practical advice. All our boats and services correspond to hospitality, maintenance and insurance standards. No sailing experience is required, we take care of everything and make you feel relax and enjoying.